As the Moon goes full today, I am reflective of the past couple of weeks.  I have been basking in the energies that this past New Moon brought with it.   Combined with the bursting qualities of spring here in California, I have been feeling the energy of leaping forward into my purpose, feeling confident about the gifts I am offering the world, and doing my best to do the best I can with the skills I have been given at this time.  A real, "Go For It!" kind of feeling.  Putting myself out there for what I want to be in the world, what I want to contribute.  Being the change I am seeking.


The dreaming, the skill learning, the knowledge gathering, the discussions, the unseen plans are coming forward.  My personal power guided and sourced through Creator and Mother Earth, rising from the center of my core manifesting in to being.  No more hanging back, no more hiding, no more being less than.


It is different this time.  There is not an urgency, but more of  "it is time" feeling.   Strap on the boots (or heels! or, in some cases, bare feet!), nothing can distract me, let my passion and ambition lead the way!  It is time to do what I came here to the planet to do.


In my early twenties, I experienced a near death experience (NDE).  At that time I was given clear instructions on my purpose on Earth and I continue to manifest that vision.  I continue to assist people in becoming more connected to themselves, each other, and the Earth through the food they eat and the medicine they take.


It is a very exciting time and I am finding comfort in having patience that I am divinely guided at all times and that the Universe is a friendly place.  I trust that the appropriate doors will open at the best time and I will continue to have the courage to walk through them.  I trust that when doors are shut it is also for the best and highest good of all.


Young women are inherently inspirational when given appropriate support and an avenue to express their deepest passions.During these past couple of weeks, I found myself in NY launching my first workshops on the East Coast for MDG.   There I found myself ignited, inspired, explorative, and making connections of where my service is of need and ripe for.


In New York, I was met with the eyes of mothers who heard what I was saying and had their hearts touched.  These mothers are not alone in wanting the very best for their daughters, wanting them to eat a good diet, get enough rest, have good friends and teachers, and have tools to make well informed, respectful decisions about their lives.  These mothers are committed to helping their daughters find balance in the world they live in and providing opportunities girls can learn how to be aware and best take care of themselves.  Thank you Mothers for showing up, for the insightful conversations, and for trusting that your daughters are getting what they need at this time.


The young women were what gave me the inspiration.  Leaders in every sense of the word.  Showing up for something new, something they had never experienced before.  Being curious and inquisitive about their own feelings and emotions, as well as, open to new ways of handling these emotions. They showed interest and creativity in how to better connect to themselves, each other, and the Earth.  They were highly receptive to doing things differently than they have been shown before. They spoke their about their emotions, concerns, and visions for the future. They radiated hope that the world can be different through the hearts, minds, and hands of the youth.


During each of the workshops, young women were getting real with themselves, being honest mirrors for their peers, and getting their hands connected to the Earth (it was still cold in NY!!)  Girls were picking flowers, making friends with worms, holding soil, connecting to trees and rocks, but most of all finding their own center.  Through being grounded in their center they can do anything.  Through having the techniques to find clarity in their mind, they can have their own answers.  Young women are inherently inspirational when given appropriate support and an avenue to express their deepest passions.   I have seen it with my own eyes.   I have felt it with my own heart. about inspirational!  Let's mention the plantain, crocous, maples, oaks, grass, arugula, dandelion, violets, ash, rose, dead nettle, juniper, yarrow, cowslip, tulips, iris that also showed themselves and aided in the lessons on nutrition and wellness during the coldest spring weather in NY in years.  Thank you plants and trees for being strong enough to show up in the cold so we could be inspired by you!


So today, I advise you to get inspired, be inspiring and support others in being inspirational!



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