With early spring gardening, there is much a sprout.  It seems like after the soil has been tended, and ALL of the seeds have begun their sprouting, there are choices to be made.  Not all of the 100 carrots seeds my daughter has planted can grow in the space provided.  Not all of the plants, that we did not plant, (some like to refer to these as "weeds") that have volunteered to grow with our tomatoes will be beneficial to us.   In a garden, as in life, we have to decide what we will nurture, and what we will weed out.


We must make choices.


We all have them.  We all make them.  Sometimes our choices are made out of fear,   sometimes out of guilt, shame, or other dysfunctional patterns.  Sometimes our choices are based on hope, love, and the desire to do what is best for our future generations. How often do I center myself and make my decisions consciously for even the most mundane of choices?  How often do I make decisions from a place of being grounded in my own power?  How often do I think of the trees, birds, streams, and my past and future ancestors before making a choice? How often is choice made with complete faith in the love and support of the Universe?


My daughter is fascinated with the use of paper toilet seat covers.  I grew up with my grandmother wiping down every public toilet seat my bottom ever touched.  Back then there was no hand sanitizer, but I believe if there were, or portable Lysol, they would have been a prominent part of my bottom's history.


Note: I am a young middle-aged woman that has never contracted any formidable diseases from the use of a public toilet.


My mother and mother-in-law use these toilet seat covers and by association, have introduced them into the world of my daughter’s bum and field of choices.


In a moment of divine intervention and complete exasperation, operating high on the H.A.L.T.-O-meter (hungry, angry, lonely, tired), I said this in response to my daughter's persistent plea to use these paper toilet seat covers.  "It is your choice.  Those toilet seat covers are paper.  That paper is made with precious trees and water.  As you know, the trees make air for us to breathe and the water gives life to everything on earth.  If you would like to use up the clean air and water of your grandchildren, that is your choice."


Granted I recognize the potential guilt in this statement, but there is always time for all of us, especially our children to learn that every choice has consequences.  She has not asked me about them since.  Without any other interventions, she has also become more mindful and conservative with her toilet paper use as well.


I was with a teenager recently and she was lamenting over the fact that she has made a few decisions in her life and now her school has pegged her as "a trouble maker".  As having been one of these "pegged" individuals myself in high school, I have been guiding her and her mother to see that both of them make choices to support this stereotype.  How do we see ourselves?  Who do we surround ourselves with?  How do we speak about ourselves?  What actions do we show that either supports or disproves this?  Are we behaving in alignment with our true selves?


At any point in time we can make choices that support our brilliance, our birthright to be awesome while honoring our connection to ourselves and Creator.  Or we are making choices that suck us dry, support negative habits and cycles, revert us back to doubt and lower our vibration.


What are you choosing with your gift of free will?


Are you nurturing those parts of your life that will bring healthy harvests for many generations to come?  Are you choosing to weed out those things that are not beneficial to your wellbeing, or the wellbeing of your family and community?  Are you making choices that support a life of clean air and water?  Are you choosing to believe in your magnificence?  Are you choosing to act in a way that your ancestors of both the past and future would be proud of you?


 The choice is ours.


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