Are you a mother who wishes you had better communication, respect, time, and connection with your preteen or teenage daughter?  Do you fear you are losing your precious little girl?


Are you a woman who is looking to have a healthier, more creative life?


Are you a daughter who wishes your mother would honor you for who you truly are, and stop wishing you would do or be something you are not?


Are you a preteen or teenage girl who is interested in knowing how to take better care of yourself and understand the changes you are experiencing?




I was once a teenage daughter of a very successful mother.  Everything on my mother's to-do list was accomplished daily. My mother did a lot for me.  She took me to play-dates, ballet, soccer.  She was involved in my schools, she planned extravagant birthday parties, and made sure every opportunity for me was available.  I was thoughtful, polite, and did "the right thing".


Until I turned 11.


Something was shifting and I no longer had anything nice coming out of my mouth, especially towards my mother.  I still needed rides to my friend's house, cooked food, clean clothes, and help with homework, but I didn't want anything to do with my mother. "I hate you" was my new mantra.


My mother did the best she knew how at the time, but she did not know how to communicate with me.  My mother became constantly fearful of the choices I was making and that she was losing her precious little girl.  Most of her time was spent questioning every decision she had made as a mother and worrying about the choices I was making.  She was afraid to admit that our relationship was in jeopardy because of what other mothers might have thought or said about her.  My mother wanted more time and opportunity for us to bond before I was going to leave for college.


At the same time, I thought my mother was sent to destroy my life.  I wanted nothing to do with her and did everything I could to not be at home or spend time with her.  This is when my behavior began to get out of control and quickly escalated to experimenting with alcohol, drugs and sex.


The gap kept widening.


All my mother wanted was for us to be able communicate in a respectful way and for me to know that she loved me.


All I wanted was what most preteens and teenagers want.  I wanted someone, anyone, to hear and see me for who I truly was and not what people wanted me to be.  I needed reassurance that everything was okay.


After years of spending time with the Earth in different ways, and developing different skills, modalities, and therapies with the Earth, my relationship with my mother is in a better place than it has ever been.  We communicate in a respectful manner and are able to accept one another for who we are.  This has been important to me, especially now, since I have my own daughter and know the importance these connection skills have on the future of our relationship.


Mother Daughter Garden Programs specialize in engaging preteen and teenage girls in gardening as a creative activity with their mothers.


Mothers and Daughters are guided through a proven, fun, and creative experience together as their relationship, communication, and respect for one another grows. All this while creating a beautiful garden both can be proud of.


This is a special time to engage in something that will support you in being the mother or daughter you want to be, gain skills to increase the quality of life you have, and have quality time together you will never forget.


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