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Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mother's who give so much to the world by giving so much to their children (and everyone else!!).  Divine Mother, Holy Mother, Mother Earth, my grandmothers, my mother, my daughter all engross me during this time of year.  A reminder that without mothers there would be no life.


Entire books have been written about the gratitude necessary, but never quite able to capture everything, we have to be thankful for in the act of mothering.  I am going to keep it simple.  Thank you Mama.


However, I would like to share a bit about my Mother's Day this year.


About a month prior to Mother's Day, I went on a hike with a friend and respectfully collected some nettles.  I enjoyed being with the plants, speaking with them, asking their permission to harvest them, feeling which ones wanted to come with me, taking less than half of the plants, and remembering to say thank you.  I love harvesting the nettles because there is much to be grateful with these super plants that provide much minerals and vitamins, as well as, abundant healing properties.  I often purposely let the nettles kiss the skin of my wrists to help with the arthritis I experience in the colder, wetter, Pacific Coast mornings.  Their needles are like tiny acupuncture treatments to the nerves and tendons of my wrists and I feel blessed after their treatment.  The sting of their needles brings healing.  Thank you Mama Nettles.


After bringing the nettles home and hanging them to dry, I began to hear a slight "crunch, crunch, crunch" sound.  One morning I was sitting on the couch meditating when I opened my eyes to see a beautiful black and white spiky caterpillar looking at me from the edge of the nettles.  We had a nice introduction and then I asked if she wanted to go outside.  She said no and I respected that decision.


On Mother's Day I woke up to my husband and child adorning me with cuddles, kisses, hand picked flowers, and homemade cards.  My husband went into the bathroom where he called, "Uh, honey, you need to come here right now".  When I went into the bathroom, there she was a huge, beautiful black and orange butterfly* as large as the palm of my hand in the middle of the bathroom mirror!!   Ah, my friend!  I expressed my complete love and gratitude for her life and she reminded me to believe in my beauty and the profound transformation I am currently experiencing.   This time, when asked, she wanted to go outside, spread her wings, and fly.  Thank you Mama Butterfly.


"We must believe in magic and miracles."After the butterfly experience, our family decided to pack some treats and head to Point Reyes, where we have spent every Mother's Day at various places exploring her beauty.  We ended up on a ridge trail where before we entered we offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the spirits of the place and asked their permission to enter.  We walked, said hello, and sang to the various plants, trees, birds, and streams of water.  It touched my heart deeply to hear my daughter's song to the rattlesnake grass as she rattled a bunch of their grass heads with her hand.   Although it was simple, it was beautiful.  Thank you Mama Rattlesnake Grass.


When we felt our time on the ridge had come to an appropriate close, we headed down the hill to Limantour Beach, looking over the wide stretch of ocean available for sight.  I said hello to Mama Ocean who resides deep in my soul.  She is my oldest confidant and bringer of healing, inspiration, and balance.  I joyfully remembered the pod of mama whales and their calves we saw last year on Mother's Day and said hello to the whale nation and how grateful I am to have them swim on the planet with us.  Thanking them for showing their presence to us, their wisdom, their guidance, their songs.  Thank you Mama Whales.


At the exact moment we were walking over the dune, to the beach there they were.  A pair of mama and baby whale breaching about 40 feet out from shore.  Our family was stunned.  There the whales were, again, blessing us with their presence on Mother's Day.  We watched and listened to them closely as they swam in from of us breaching and blowing, breaching and blowing.  We enjoyed a sweet silence until they were out of sight.  As if we were in some sort of action packed marine adventure, about 5 minutes later a pod of porpoises came swimming by joyfully jumping out of the water.  Our family burst into laughter and had no words to explain the wonderment of the day.  Thank you Mama Universe.


Needless to say, for me, it was the best Mother's Day EVER!!


On this one day, I completely let go into the flow.  I did not get upset because we weren't leaving the house "on time".  I was not concerned about taking too much time when we were getting in and out of the car.  I allowed for our time on the ridge to take its course and feel when it was time for us to move on.  I did not try to control everything (well, for goodness sake, it was Mother's Day!).  I gave into Divine Timing.


We have a saying in our family, "We must believe in magic and miracles".  This is what gets us through the tougher days, it is what squashes the doubt when it tries to seep in.  With Magic and Miracles, Mama's love, and Divine Timing everything is possible.  Try it, let me know how it goes.


Happy Mother's Day.  Thank you Mama.



*She is called Satyr Anglewing and she lays her eggs on stinging nettles.



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