Happy New Year!  Clich√©, but why not put our attention there?  Happiness.  I would also like to wish you a Healthy New Year!! Again, putting my attention on something I would like to have manifest.  Good health.  Peace in the New Year!!! Am I making my point??


I feel in the past I have heard this 'New Years Resolution' thing get pounded into our minds like we need to rid all evil habits and bad thoughts in the first week of January or else our entire year will be doomed!  I would like to offer an alternative consideration this year.


Classic resolutions are set up only to fail.  These expectations send subconscious messages to ourselves.  Messages of "I am not good enough".  Making (and sticking to!) these resolutions trying to be better, smarter, skinnier, and fulfill some sort of mental image of how we should be.


Within the past few years, I have enjoyed asking myself and then noticing, what do I place my attention on?  Do I focus on all of the unfortunate things happening in life?  Do I focus on the opportunities that have been given?  Do I focus on being grateful for what I have?  Do I absorb the lessons I am learning?  Am I willing to take responsibility for co-creating my life?  I have noticed that while choosing to focus on what is possible and being grateful for what is unfolding (however unpleasant it feels sometimes in the moment or awkward looking it is to an outsider), rather than what is not going how I think it should go, I am able to be more accepting of myself and others.  Compassion levels rise and I am able to sit in the stillness with more ease.  The doing is being.


Right and wrong, good and bad, better and worse, are judgments.  In neutrality, the judgment is turned off and your nature is allowed to shine forward.  The plant doesn't need rules on how to grow.   Being in the moment, life flows.  Living that things just ARE, my relationships have gotten stronger, my stress has reduced, and my happiness has increased.


The intentions I have chosen the past few years, instead of classical resolutions, have been from a place of 'IT IS'.  Being present in the power and faith of the feeling of being grateful for what already is.  "I am grateful our family experiences happiness together" rather than "I want our family to be happy."


What is your plan for greatness?  Will you focus on what you don't have?  Will you focus on what you are not?  Or will you begin with gratitude for what you do have and create from there?  Will you be open to the infinite possibilities available to us at all times?  Will you set your attention point on love, health, and success?


During this time of year, we begin to receive our seed catalogs for the upcoming year.  A practice of intention and dreaming!  Looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions, creations can be sensed. Senses can be delighted, homes made beautiful, and the food from yards and neighborhoods can be delicious and nutritious, while bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are supported.  The possibilities are endless, but the practical responsibility of ordering, germinating, and tending to them aids in the nourishments to bodies, souls, and connection with the Earth.


Yes, I am suggesting sitting down in a quiet space (see Newsletter Try It!) to create intentions for the New Year.  Allow practicality and possibility to dance.  Be grateful and celebrate throughout the year when these intentions manifest beyond your dreams.  Here is to happiness, health, and peace in 2016!




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