Mother Daughter Garden Program


The Mother Daughter Garden Program is designed to bring Mothers and  preteen/teenage Daughters closer at this critical time in their lives.  This strengthens the foundation of their relationship for the rest of their lives.


Using expert skills and wisdom in engaging preteens and teenage girls in gardening as a creative activity, together we re-establish a fun, respectful relationship and open communication lines, while simultaneously building a beautiful garden that Mother and Daughter can both be proud of.


You don't need a 40 acre parcel to participate.  Each garden is as unique as the relationship between the Mother and Daughter.  Gardens can vary from small pots to large plots.


Through using the garden as a means for transforming your relationship, both of you will enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of the Earth's electrical energy that promotes healing and a deep sense of well being.  Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Remedies, and Natural Beauty Care are woven throughout the program.


By participating in the Mother Daughter Garden Program you both will:

      *  Understand each other at a whole new level and create a healthy foundation for an honest, trusting, respectful relationship

      *  Naturally learn how to communicate in each other's languages without getting frustrated

      *  Create a beautiful garden and neutral space that represents what is most important to both of you

      *  Learn easy ways to calm down, feel centered, and relax-together!!

      *  Learn skills in gardening, sustainability, self-care, and creative expression that will positively enhance the rest of your life

      *  Benefit from the Earth's energy flow that supports improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health and vitality

      *  Enjoy quality time together that you will cherish forever





Mother Daughter Garden Workshops


Once a month, Vanessa, with intermittent appearances from special guests from her circle of wise women, will come to your area and offer a workshop on a subject of need from your Mother Daughter Garden Community.  Some workshop examples are Magical, Natural Beauty Care,  Herbal Teas for Teenagers and Pre-Menopause, Transformative Garden Art, Breaking the Habits of Dysfunction, and more.


Please see the Events page for the next scheduled workshop date closest to you.


Upcoming Events


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Mother Daughter Garden Circles


Circles are for participants or graduates of the Mother Daughter Garden Program only.  These circles meet regularly with a focus on what is most beneficial for the Mothers and Daughters at that time.  Through this network, supportive relationships are created for young women's coming of age rituals and ceremonies.











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