Spring has sprung!  I find myself extremely elatedly excited about this time of year.  It's as though all of winter is being released on one day.  However, when I sit quietly observing the buds, this too is a process.  I have yet to see the barren wood one-day turn into a full bloom flower the next.


I believe we are in a very auspicious time.  The evolution of human consciousness is being supported by many magnificent astrological events that are helping us to steer in the direction our soul has been calling for.  I am enjoying what has been surfacing within myself and around me during this phase of being in between the Vernal Equinox/New Moon/Solar Eclipse and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.  What a moon cycle!  What an opportunity of alignment!


Instead of the stale, age-old 'putting more pressure on myself to get it right', I have been really enjoying the vibration of TRUST. I am trusting that the Universe is a friendly place.  I am trusting that I am in alignment with what I need to be with in this moment.  I am trusting myself to make choices to continue to be my most authentic self, for the highest good.  I am trusting that I am supported on my path. I am trusting that my relationships are exactly where they need to be for me to be learning about how I can be of service to others in the best possible way.  I am trusting that the Earth is eloquently in her process.  I am trusting that people are waking up to have better relationships with themselves, each other, and the Earth.  My breathing has become easier, deeper, more in balance.  I am showing up in a fresh, more confident and supported way able to offer my service in ways that are in better alignment with the Earth and myself.


Winter absorbed wonderfully my rest, reflection, and dreaming of the seeds I was to plant now.  Spring is welcoming my attention to tend the soil.  Nurturing the foundation of that which will bring life to the seeds.  Trusting my intuition is imperative as I take this time now to softly till, add nutrients, and pray with the beings that invoke and support growth.  I am being reminded that this too is part of Spring.  Through taking this time, it is leaving me confident that the seeds will have the most supportive environment to grow to their fullest potential.


The patience it takes to prepare the soil and to wait for the optimal time to plant my seeds reminds me of how to show up in my relationships.  Sometimes it is not the best day for me to talk with my mother.  She might have had a busy day or be tired from the work she does.  It is important for me to be reminded by the Earth, that not everything, including my relationships, are on a time schedule that I have devised.  It is important for me to be sensitive that people have many things going on in their lives, and to remain present with what is going on in my own life.  Sometimes my mother calls me and I am headed in four different directions.  In the past I would reluctantly stay on the phone, get aggravated, and not be present for my mother.  Lately, following the advice of the budding flowers, I will simply say it is not a good time and that I will call her back.  It seems so simple, but it is truly transformative.  When I do call back, or she does, we check in to see if it is a good time and proceed accordingly.  Our conversations have become much more fun and respectful by taking this one simple step.


Yes, Spring has sprung and I feel a boost of sunshine and energy in my life.  However, having the buds be my teacher this season, I trust that everything is exactly how it is meant to be and to honor where I am at each given blessed moment.


Happy Spring!  May you tend your soil in your life's fabric of relationships with joy and freshness, and may the seeds you plant be blessed with meaningful growth!

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