"Water, water everywhere..."


This was the Melville quote that opened my thesis statement 18 years ago about how localized community organization can determine their own water rights with affective communication systems and the cooperative support of government and non-government entities.  This topic is becoming more and more pertinent to California citizens as the drought continues and people question the affects large scale wine and food farming has on our drinking water systems.


At the same time, water is all my family wants to surround their bodies with right now whether it be in the bathtub, hot spring, river, or ocean.  My daughter just had her birthday party at a swimming pool and I was buoyed with the joy of how children are delighted in the play and sensation of the droplets bouncing all over their skin,while their bodies submerged in and out of the source of life.


I can see out of our kitchen window our garden plants.  Each one, following the Sun, eating from the Soil, breathing the same Air we are.  I often find myself singing to them and speaking with them.  I notice things about them while gazing when I clean the dinner dishes.  The grape leaves are a little wilt, the lemon verbena wants to be used for tea more often, the aloe is happy with its partially sunny spot, and the basil loves its new home.  Each plant, also, having its own relationship with Water.  Each plant needing to express itself and its particular needs for water on a daily basis.  Much like a teenager expressing their needs, wants, and desires on a moment to moment basis.


With recent astrological events, I have been learning much about respecting my needs as a human, a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a seeker of balance.  It has been my need for drawing within the shell (sometimes my covers!!), letting the waters flow over me, flowing with the moment to moment, in respect of my fertile body.  Feeling, deeply, the waters inside of my body, their connection to the moon, to the Earth's wise waters.  Sitting with this connection listening to the messages being delivered.  Be wise in your movements.  Conserve.  Be in gratitude.


Flowing, meandering, gushing, gliding, bubbling, rushing, deep-I like to think of the different ways water shows up in my life.  How do I represent water in my life?  How do I tend my relationships with water?  Do I go with the flow? Do I try to redirect?  Do I respect it?  Do I give thanks to it?  Visualizing my daughter as water, today she is a spring, yesterday she was a lake, Monday she was a tsunami.  Another layer of understanding and honoring.  Today, I feel like a puddle.


Water has the ability to wash away that which is unnecessary for us.  Water has the ability (like air, soil, and fire) to bring new life: new life onto the Earth, new life into the air, new life into the body.  By holding positive intention into our water sources we enliven the waters within our bodies, and the waters of the planet.  For all water is connected through its infinite cycles, and the same water runs through all life.  Water helps us to remember our connections, and imagine infinite possibilities that spring forth from the source of Creation.


So whether it is a glass, a bath, ceremonial, or at a local source, speak a blessing with gratitude into the water.  Acknowledge the beautiful life we have here on this living planet of water.



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