Hello!  I am excited to share with you the most recent creation of this blog.  In the inaugural post, I would like to share about living in a world where people walk their talk and make a stand for what they believe in.


In our world today, it is often too easy to be uncommitted and in constant search for immediate gratification.  It is easy to click here or click there to get what we think we want.  It is easy to delete and restart.  It is easy to be wishy washy about what we believe in.  It is easy to have no boundaries and to live in the grey.   It is easy to pretend that everything is just perfect when, in fact, our relationships, health, and mental state are unraveling.


It is also easy to be apathetic.  Who really cares about your opinion?  Do you?  It is easy to search and search for information and look at all sides and not take the time to feel what resonates inside of you.  It is easy to not have your voice be heard, because no one is asking.  It is easy not to care.


Although quick change is often viable for a particular situation and making well-researched decisions are sensible, it is important for us to reflect once in a while about what we are willing to lay our entire life on the line for.  What are we most excited to devote our energy to?  What is it that we would do, that would have us look back from our deathbed and say, "I am so glad I did that." By taking the time to do so, and becoming more committed to that, whatever it might be for us, we create our lives and the world around us to be more fulfilling, connected, and thriving.   Making resilient changes to having a healthier diet, putting our investments where they will benefit the entire planet, or making a choice to say something positive to our child in a heated moment, may be more challenging at the time, but will yield the lasting affects of a vibrant culture.


I am honored to share with you what I am willing to make a stand for today.


I am offering my services to inspire more people to connect with themselves, each other, and the Earth.  I am opening space for teenagers to be seen for who they truly are and heard for the messages they bring.  I am permitting mothers to be able to relax, have fun, and feel confident in the time and energy they have invested in their children's lives.  I am creating structure that young women can feel supported during their coming of age time.   I am encouraging people to grow and eat healthier food and medicine, connected to what benefits themselves and the planet.  I am supporting people to create local food systems by sharing their abundance with their neighbors and creating loving relationships within their communities.  I am making a stand for peace and connection within ourselves, our relationships, and the Earth.


Thank you for visiting and taking some of your valuable time to read and reflect about what you are willing to make a stand for.


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